TwoBulls Testimonials

I have been using the TwoBulls Supplement and Anevis for two months and have noticed a huge improvement in my bucking string. They have that extra snap, snort and raw energy. The supplement paired with the Anevis have them ready to go no matter how hot the thermometer may read. Their overall confirmation has improved as well, they are adding lean muscle mass and I notice recovering faster from long hauls. I fully believe in the TwoBulls products and have now made it a key part of my program.

Rob Bache
Bache Land and Cattle
Somerton, AZ

We knew Sandman (715 Yellow Bull) was a performer when we purchased him, he did however have inconsistencies in his performance as well as a tremendous amount of stress when travelling long distances. We began to look for a supplement that would truly deliver high energy while packing on the muscle and making him a more confident bull. After much research and advice from pros as well as vets we found TwoBulls Performance. We now have a strong confident bull who delivers at every out. His energy doubled, stress level decreased and he is now an "Easy Keeper". Just for ease we put his older pasture mate, Sampson (Red Bull 10 year old), and we couldn't believe the change in just two months and then the results after 4 months were insane. Sampson is now back bucking full time during the season and living large during the off season. We are so excited about our future in the bucking bull industry because of TwoBulls and have recently purchased 3 Maturity Bulls and 2 three year olds all of which we started on TwoBulls March 1st. Can't wait to share their before and after photos as well as their successes.
Edward Gentry
Downhill Farm Buckin Bulls
Jim I talked to you earlier in the month and ordered the small bucket. I had the bull that had gotten the horn infection and had lost a couple of hundred pounds. I was trying to get him back right before the s.e.b.r.a. Finals. Well he looks great and won the bucking bull of the year and high marked bull of the finals. Ill be ordering 50 lbs soon. Thanks alot.
Chris bass. #039 Lil Junior
I have not used this product on cattle or horses. However, I have a dog with EXTREME anxiety when it comes to thunder and; lightning. I give her a small amount of DeSTRESS and all is history! She goes back to her normal lounging self and doesn't have a worry in the world with the weather. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! Thanks Jim, for introducing me to it!! I highly recommend DeSTRESS! :)
Jennifer LeBlanc
I'm sending you a before and after 90 days shot, of my 2 year old, on Two Bulls Performance Supplement. As anyone can clearly see, from these photos, it works. It's part of our every day feed rations on our competition bulls. I would like to thank you for your product and will refer it to everyone I know.
Jeremy Heien
Before and After Shot of my Bull on Two Bulls Performance Supplement
I have been using TwoBulls products for four years now and think it is a key part of the success that I have had in the bucking bull world. I would highly recommend all of the TwoBulls products to help get the most out of your bulls.
Kent Cox
Professional Bull Trainer for Bushwacker, Back Bender, & Troubador
Dear TwoBulls, At the urging of Jim, I tried De-Stress as a training aid on young pick-up horses. I am so glad I listened to him!!!! As with any young horse in training, the challenge is; getting that horse to do what you are asking them to do without the distractions of their surroundings affecting them. De-Stress offers this to you, it puts the horse's attention on you and his job rather than ALL that is happening around them. It does this without the "sluggish" side effects associated with "Ace" . This side effect in young pick-up horses could result in getting kicked,
this could set that horse back in his progress, possible permanently!!!!
I highly recommend De-Stress. Thank you, Jim.
Tad Bell
Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association pick-up man 25yrs
We took our 12 yr. old grandaughter to our first jackpot show of the year. We bought 2 Heatwave steers this year, and the attitude was not good on either one. We decided to take a chance on one, and sold the worst one. I got up on Saturday morning and gave him DE-STRESS, and left for the show. Two hours later, at 918 pounds, I didn't think I was going to get him to the scales, let alone 12 year old Haley be able to show him. I tied him to the fence, and left him. Before we showed him, I blew him out, I clipped him, all tied to the fence. He won his class, and he showed like he had been shown all his life. DE-STRESS did a great job, and should be in everyone's show box.

Toby Barnett
Barnett Show Cattle

We tried the equine destress product after it was recommended by a friend of ours who is currently in vet school.  We have been very pleased with the product.  We show young western pleasure horses and hauling and showing can be quite stressful for some horses.  This product really seems to help them settle in and focus better.  We like the fact that our horses are still alert and responsive.  The customer service has been excellent.  Jim always asks how the product is working for us and we've always received our orders within a couple of days.  A great company, with a great product that actually works!
Kirk Morris
Barclay-Morris Inc.
De-stress works really well to calm bulls & cows under stressful handling conditions. Bulls & cows will rest and eat and can be handled in a safe manner in close confinement. We also feel it helps in collecting better quality semen in bulls, if they feel less stressed. In our breeding program if the cows are less stressed you can work them thru the chutes and have better success in getting them bred.

 Craig Barton
Champion Genetics
De-STRESS made a believer out of me when a bull we have been competing with kept losing his mind in the chutes making it almost impossible to get out on him. We spent a lot of time working with him, but only ended up fighting him in and out of the box. The stress of this fighting was defeating him before he ever got a chance to buck. We had him entered at Ft. Worth and knew his chances were slim but didn’t want to forfeit without trying. A fellow breeder told me to try the De-STRESS on this bull as they had used it with great results. TwoBulls sent a bottle to Ft. Worth for me with instructions on how to use it. I was pretty skeptical but was willing to try it if it would give this bull a chance. To my surprise and everyone who had seen this bull before, the bull loaded quietly and stood like a champ and then proceeded to split first in the event. He was like a different animal, totally relaxed focused on bucking instead of freaking out fighting. De-STRESS will give a lot of bulls a chance to perform to their best, that would never have got past the fight from the back pens. I’m sold on it.

Gene Baker
Homestead Genetics

De-STRESS was used on a bull that I raised 128 Stoked. As a 2yr old he jumped out of my 6ft arena four times when we bucked him. He was always nervous in the back pens and in the bucking chutes. Loading in the alley was a guaranteed fight. Knowing his ability and constantly worrying about hurting himself had me really stressed out!  I tried the De-STRESS product before hauling this bull, as a 3yr old, to his first event, the ABBI Wildcard in Mesquite, TX. Being hauled by himself to an indoor building he handled well in the pens even laid down and rested. He was good in the chute and bucked good enough to split second qualifying him for the 2008 ABBI Classic World Finals. And most important he didn't jump out. Amazing product!
Brent Bullard
4B Performance Cattle
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