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De-Stress Plus

The major factor in undesirable performance at any level of the industry is STRESS.
TwoBulls De~STRESS PLUS was formulated to control STRESS at all levels in a safe, all natural calming formula that will improve handling, showing, breeding, and competition performance.
Using De~STRESS PLUS correctly will allow handling and activity in a manner that decreases injury due to stress related anxiety. A stress free animal is less likely to be injured or cause injury and perform better from the training pen to the competition arena.




Black Label

A Supplement of Nutrients and Live Organisms for Performance Bucking Bulls.TwoBulls Black Label









A Supplement Formulated to enhance gut health.Proformance-E









Electrolytes play a critical role in allowing the animal to perform
at its' best. Muscle hydration is paramount in achieving maximum
nerve-signal relay and function which translates to proper fast-twitch
muscle activation. Adding electrolytes to your nutritional program
maintains this critical balance during strenuous activity and can add
a new dimension to your bovine's over-all ability to perform.




Pro-Breeder Mineral

TwoBulls Pro-Breeder is an all-natural feed supplement when trying to
maximize your breeding bull. Two Bulls Pro-Breeder












ANEVIS™ rumen-protected niacin helps protect your Bovine Athletes during hot summer days.

ANEVIS helps cool the internal body temperature down, while expanding the blood vessels and allowing more oxygen to the muscles for peak performance.






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Give your partner the Extra they need to give their best!!!
You want extra performance, give them the Extra nutrition they need.







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Sports Rub

TwoBulls Pro Sports Rub is a highly effective Pain Relieving, Anti-inflammatory Cream that was developed specifically for Bull Riders and Bullfighters. Based on the knowledge of the pain these Athletes suffer, TwoBulls developed an all natural product that could effectively relieve chronic pain and inflammation without the negative side effects of drugs.